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To Change, We Must First Understand

Clinical neuropsychology, clinical psychology, counselling psychology, and school psychology services for children, adolescents and adults

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About us

Change is sometimes difficult or overwhelming, but never impossible.
Understanding your needs—whether related to learning, growth and development, or mental health—is necessary to make the changes required for life satisfaction and happiness.

Pinnacle Psychology works with individuals, families and professionals to understand the developmental, educational, and mental health challenges that may be impacting them throughout the lifespan. We are a collaborative practice that provides a wide range of clinical assessment, diagnosis, consultation and treatment services that are tailored to meet your individual needs.

Pinnacle Psychology offers professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff who provide a client-friendly experience. Our psychologists and assessment technicians have been practising in the field for many years within a variety of areas of specialization.
Pinnacle Psychology is committed to professional education and training. Our psychologists conduct research, present at professional conferences, provide community education seminars, and supervise doctoral students in psychology.

Our offices are conveniently located in Windsor with a satellite location in Chatham to be accessible to residents of Essex and Kent counties. Contact us via phone or email to see how we can help you with your change journey today.

Dr. Cory D. Saunders, C.Psych.
Dr. Saunders has practiced in the areas of Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology for over 20 years. His practice has focused primarily on assessment, early diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental, learning, and mental health disorders. He holds an appointment as the Director of the Ozad Institute, where his research is primarily focused on neurodevelopmental disorders and diagnostic classification. Dr. Saunders has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, presented at international conferences and has contributed to numerous community-based conferences in southwestern Ontario.

Dr. Lindsey S. Jaber, C.Psych.
Dr. Jaber has been practising in the areas of School, Clinical, and Counselling Psychology for over 10 years. She provides assessments and treatment to children and adults and is actively engaged in research regarding mental health and intervention. Dr. Jaber has numerous publications, including research articles and book chapters on topics ranging from childhood/adolescent development to aggression/bullying, trauma and suicide. She has presented at numerous international conferences and facilitated multiple training workshops for professionals.

Karla Glazewski, M.A., Registered Psychotherapist

Karla is a psychotherapist with extensive experience providing therapy to adults, including university students, who are struggling with a wide range of presenting concerns such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, chronic pain, and relationship difficulties (romantic/friendships/family). Karla operates from a person-centred framework, regularly incorporating elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and mindfulness-based interventions into her practice. She also has a seven-year research background, with past and current projects focusing on improving assessment tools used to screen for symptoms of mental health disorders. Karla has a particular passion for research that involves improving therapy practices among individuals with traumatic brain injuries.

Alessia Pescara, M.S.W.

Alessia is a clinical social worker with a specialized practice in child and youth mental health. She provides individual and family interventions with children, adolescents, and parents to assist with presenting concerns related to anxiety, depression, behavioural management issues, social difficulties, and parenting. She also has experience providing treatment to offenders within the justice system. Alessia works from a client and family-centred approach to treatment, using a variety of interventions to address emotional, social, and behavioural challenges.


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